Creating Your Own Logo Is Tricky and Time Consuming

What if you had the power to instantly create your own logo? AND, make it look better than any designer would charge you for?

The Ability to INSTANTLY Create Awesome Designs ... without Photoshop!
-- Just like these amazing images:

Watch The Logo Creator in Action:

An easy to use interface

Unlike most logo creation products out there on the web - The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software is EASY to use! Just launch a template, and pull down graphics from the graphics bin!  -- Click on the image to the right for a better look!

Logo Creator Interface

Import Your Own Images

The Logo Creator comes with hundreds of built in images! If you'd like to customize your cards even more ... you can import your own images too! Like a picture of yourself!

... It's as easy as pulling down a menu item.

Buy The Logo Creator today and I'll throw in my favorite "add-on" package: Baldy Bob!

fade-leftfade-right( a $27 value! )


Meet Baldy Bob and his Girl Kiki.


They're all part of a new Add On set for The Logo Creator!

GirlsClub Galaxy


These awesome 3D marketing characters can be used with The Logo Creator to create marketing images, banners, page headers, blog images and whatever else you can think of! 



Use them in your video presentations, slide shows, use them on your website or add them to your sales letters! 

...Use them to create page headers, marketing materials, eCover images!

Whatever you can think of! 



This awesome package contains 25 templates to get your ideas popping! Modify them in hundreds of ways

Baldy Bobs and the Kikis come in 20 different poses!




The possibilities are endless with these images!

You've got unlimited use rights so you can use these images again and again on any project or website you desire!  

(you can't resell them individually... but you can sell what you create WITH them!)



Get them for only $27!

Get this amazing package FREE if you purchase The Logo Creator today!


The Logo Creator - Logo Design Software

Over 200 logo templates to mix, match and modify! Create Page headers… blog graphics… Facebook Timeline images. Even Youtube overlay watermarks!  – The sky’s the limit

If you were to outsource the design to your "graphics guy", it could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run... If you were to buy similar software, you'd spend at least 3 figures and get half the features of The Logo Creator.

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